Surviving Marriage Conference - Houston

Surviving Marriage Conference - Houston

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Join Us for our Surviving Marriage Conference for Couples and Singles.

This four hour conference will be informative as well as entertaining. It will cover everything from conflict resolution to living happily ever after.

Breakout Sessions will specifically concentrate on brotha to brotha and sistah to sister issues.

What are the primary reasons marriages aren't lasting today?

How often do you do marriage checkups?

Has getting married today added too many extra rules?

Are you surviving or thriving?

Houston and surrounding areas, come meet and chat with us about marriage and relationships.

Rufus and Jenny will give applicable tips based on their 30+ years of marriage and their experience of counseling over 2000 couples.

Bibi and Jonathan will guide the conversation like a fireside chat interview to cover the issues that are hot topics in marriage and with single people today.

Islam in Spanish

12703 Brant Rock Dr, Houston, TX 77082

Light Refreshments will be served.

First 10 Couples registered gets a special Gift Bag.